enua is hiring talents

Theis Lien
November 22, 2023
We're excited to announce that Enua is expanding, and we're looking for talented and passionate software developers to join our growing team

At Enua, we value innovation, collaboration, and a passion for creating cutting-edge technology solutions. We believe in fostering a work environment where everyone's ideas are valued, and every team member is empowered to contribute to our collective success.

What We're Looking For:

  • Passion for Technology: You love coding, problem-solving, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends.
  • Team Player: You enjoy collaborating with cross-functional teams and value open communication.
  • Strong Problem-Solving Skills: You have a knack for identifying issues and finding innovative solutions.
  • Continuous Learner: You are eager to learn new skills and technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

What We Offer:

  • Innovative Projects: Work on cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of technology.
  • Collaborative Environment: Join a supportive team that values your input and contributions.
  • Competitive Compensation: We offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

If you're a developer looking to make an impact and grow your career, we want to hear from you! Whether you have years of experience or you're just starting your journey, we encourage you to apply:

Send an open application to: careers@enua.no

Apply Now and Start Your Next Adventure with Enua

Theis Lien

Discover enua's New COO

At enua, we firmly believe that the heart of innovation lies in the synergy of diverse talents. We're thrilled to introduce a new addition to our leadership team – a dynamic professional with a rich technical background, marked by a PhD and an impactful journey in the world of new technologies
September 11, 2023

Powering Green Motorsport: Enua Electrified HellRX

As the HellRX championship continues to push boundaries on the track, Enua is driving change off the track, harnessing the power of electricity to propel a thrilling sport into a sustainable future. This collaboration serves as a symbol of progress, a beacon of innovation, and a testament to the belief that environmental responsibility and exhilarating motorsports can go hand in hand.
Theis Lien
June 20, 2023

Enua EV Chargers breakthrough, Attracting Investor Interest

‍Enua is making strides in the electric vehicle industry with its unique detachable EV charger. Our groundbreaking innovation has attracted a considerable investment of 32.5 million kroner this year, and preparing for an anticipated capital influx of around 200 million kroner in the next three to eight years.
Theis Lien
June 13, 2023
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