Enua EV Chargers breakthrough, Attracting Investor Interest

Theis Lien
November 22, 2023

Recently Enua was highlighted in an article by MN24, titled "Trøndersk bil-lader kan bli et industrieventyr".

A Landmark Year of Investments and Growth

Trondheim, 13 June 2023: A breakthrough has been achieved in the world of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure as Enua, a company known for its innovative portable EV charger, attracts significant investments. Technology giant NORBIT ASA, venture funds Sarsia, and ProVenture have announced a joint investment in Enua.

Enua's innovative portable EV charger offers users a high degree of freedom and flexibility, simplifying the charging process to meet the ever-changing needs of EV users. The NORBIT R&D team based in Trondheim has played a pivotal role in the hardware development and industrialisation of Enua's charger, demonstrating their dedication to innovation in the EV space.

"In Enua, we envision a future where the concept of electric freedom is key. By joining forces with NORBIT, Sarsia, and ProVenture, we are harnessing the necessary competence and capabilities to make this vision a reality," asserts Torben Aune, CEO of Enua.

Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, CEO at NORBIT, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "The trend of electrification is not only attractive but is demonstrating continued strong demand for manufacturing capabilities and competence across Europe, and particularly in Norway. Enua represents a team of dynamic and innovative individuals who are developing novel and unconventional solutions, aligning perfectly with NORBIT's fundamental mission of exploring more. We are eagerly anticipating our contribution to the industrial scalability of Enua."

With the backing of major investors, and a clear vision for the future, Enua is poised for further growth and expansion. The unique portability feature of our chargers, coupled with the growing demand for EV infrastructure, positions Enua as a promising player in the global EV industry.

For more details, refer to the original article here

Theis Lien

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